Sullivan’s Island

This place is a treasure. Here are some other links of note:

Town of Sullivan’s Island. The island is its own municipality. It is not for those who prefer gated communities. The beach is public but never overrun. We enjoy that the island’s charm is accessible to all, but this comes with a few rules such as no booze on the beach, get your dog a collar from the town ahead of your visit if possible, and when parking on-street don’t let your tires hang into the street. Fortunately, the porch and pool are terrific for a happy hour, you’ll rarely move your car but we have designated parking, and the rule about the dogs ensures a really dog-friendly experience for all.

Photos and Things to Do. Not sure we agree with all of these suggestions and a few of the housing suggestions aren’t even on Sullivan’s Island (who knew there could be inaccurate info on the www?) but these give you some more of the flavor.’251184832′:p/?focusedIndex=0

Beach looking towards Charleston
Kayak tours available or just drop in the marsh on your own.
Walk the streets. Walk the beach. Walk some easy trails.
From fancy to casual and breakfast to late night, Middle Street has it all.
One of five active lighthouses in South Carolina, this lighthouse guides tankers and cruise ships to the Charleston Harbor.
Taken from Ft. Moultrie
Ft. Moultrie, a riveting history and 2nd best spot to watch a sunset.