Rental Information

“Mi casa, su casa.” While we utilize Carroll Realty to coordinate the rental process and be boots on the ground if there are any issues with the property, we provide our contact information so you can also communicate directly with us for your needs or questions.

A few important points:

  • Sullivan’s Island requires a 29-night minimum stay for our property. People naturally think this means they have to stay the 1st through the end of the month. Not true. We are amenable to atypical rental periods as long as they satisfy the required minimum day count.
  • Renters avoid South Carolina sales tax by renting for 3 months or more. What a deal! It’s almost like you’re getting some free weeks by staying an extended time.
  • We are dog-friendly, although with the expectation that you’ll hose Fido off when coming back from the beach.
  • For you teleworkers, we work while down here too and consequently have a pretty good set-up for when work duties call.

Call Carroll Realty or reserve online at


We honeymooned in Charleston as two 20-somethings in 1998.  Whether we were on one of our countless strolls or enjoying the evenings (Charleston had a lot more watering holes back then!), we dreamed of making Charleston a more permanent part of our life.  The dream eroded as life’s tendency to get in the way took hold.  We would visit occasionally for less romantic outings like kids’ field trips or athletic competitions.

We spent the day at Sullivan’s Island during one of these mini visits and booked a trip for the following summer.  It was on this trip that we peeled the layers of Sullivan’s deeper and stumbled upon The Officer’s Quarters.  It immediately spoke to us.  No, it actually yelled out and embraced us.

We encourage you to find your moments here.  For us it is the beach in the morning and late afternoon, Middle Street, walking the island, reading or working on the porch during the day, and watching the evening sun give way to nightfall from the same spot.  We’re certain you will share these pleasures and create a bliss unique to you.